Clinical Services Rate (Self Pay)


  • Individual Therapy (50 min): …………….$150.00  (Initial Session)
  •         Individual Therapy (50 min): ………….$130.00  (Follow-up Sessions)
  • Couples Therapy (50 min): ……………….$150.00  (Initial Session)
  •         Couples Therapy (50 min): …………….$130.00  (Follow-up Sessions)
  • Family Therapy (50 min): ……………………$150.00  (Initial Session)
  •         Family Therapy (50 min): ………………..$130.00  (Follow-up Sessions)


The following is a list of estimated fees for various types of psychological  evaluations we offer. Please note that sometimes more extensive testing may be required that could potentially increase these costs. However, we cannot know this until we evaluate your situation.  Your specific needs will determine the types of testing and timeframes needed for a proper evaluation.


  1. Clinical Psychological Evaluation


    Includes a clinical diagnostic interview, psychological and personality testing, written report, and a feedback session. This evaluation is useful for diagnosing mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, and personality disorders. Involves an initial appointment for the clinical interview, possible additional appointments for testing, and one appointment for the feedback session.

  2. Child ADHD Evaluation:

  3. Autism Evaluation

  4. Pre-Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

  5. Pre -Surgical Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial Psychological Evaluation



  1. Screening Neuropsychological Evaluation


    This level of evaluation includes a clinical diagnostic interview with the client and a relative, testing, feedback session, and a written report. Basic neuropsychological testing for memory, attention, visuospatial, language. Usually, this is considered a screening assessment that is more in-depth than the one usually completed at your primary physician’s or neurologist’s office (i.e., MMSE or MoCA). It does not provide a diagnosis, but it indicates areas of strength and recommendations. It typically involves one appointment of about two to three hours and one separate appointment for a feedback session.

  2. Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

  3. Adult ADHD Evaluation



  1. IQ Testing only


    This type of evaluation provides information about cognitive ability in multiple areas of intelligence. Includes brief interview, full-scale IQ testing, score report, and 30 -minute feedback session. The following standardized tests are used:

    • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
    • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
    • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

  2. Achievement Testing only

  3. Learning Disorder Testing